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Field Sales Resource Limited is in search of exceptional, self-motivated individuals with a passion for sales and a knack for sealing the deal. As a serious contender, we promise to invest in your development, providing unwavering support to nurture your skills, boost your self-assurance, and make you a force to be reckoned with in the sales world. Join us, and together, we'll ascend to new heights of success.

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Unlock unlimited earning possibilities with performance-based incentives, rewarding your hard work and dedication.

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Embrace autonomy in managing your schedule, enabling a harmonious balance between personal life and career.

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Thrive in a collaborative setting, where experienced mentors inspire and uplift you, fostering your success and personal growth.

Rapid Skill Development

Gain hands-on experience, refine communication techniques, and enhance negotiation skills, accelerating your growth as a sales professional.

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Job Listings

Field Sales Agent

Job Number: #0051

As a Field Sales Agent, you will be responsible for actively engaging with potential customers and promoting our products or services in various assigned territories. Your primary goal is to drive sales and achieve revenue targets by identifying and pursuing new business opportunities while maintaining strong relationships with existing clients. You will represent our company in a positive and professional manner, serving as a key liaison between the organization
and its customers.


Direct Sales Agent

Job Number: #0055

As a Direct Sales Agent, your primary responsibility is to engage directly with potential customers to promote and sell our products or services. You will be actively involved in prospecting, lead generation, and building strong relationships with clients. Your goal is to achieve sales targets, contribute to revenue growth, and represent our company in a positive and professional manner.


Business Development Executive

Job Number: #0061

As a Business Development Executive, your primary responsibility is to identify new business opportunities, build partnerships, and promote the company’s products or services. You will be instrumental in expanding the customer base and establishing the foundation for business growth.


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